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Cayo Largo Jardines de la Reina Isla de la Juventud Ana Maria

Destination: Cayo Largo del Sur

"Cayo Largo", is a small resort island belonging to Cuba, located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, in the eastern end of Los Canarreos Archipelago, covering an area of 37 square kilometers. It's the second biggest island in Cuba's Canarreos Archipelago.

The name Cayo Largo comes from it's long shape (Long Key). Basically it's a limestone island, formed over millions of years from the remains of marine organisms blessed with an almost continuous stretch incredible white and thin sand beach, along its south coast which is one of the reasons the island is famous for.

Nature on the islet shows a high preservation level, with large coral reefs that are complemented by the beauty of neighboring keys, inhabited by many plant and animal species, including iguanas, pelicans and turtles.

A beautiful permit - Cayo Largo

"Grandslam" fly fishing in Cayo Largo


The incredible warm and pristine waters that surround the island were declared a Natural Park by Cuban Government. The 27.000 square kilometers of the Canarreos Archipelago has about 350 islets and keys forming a unique Caribbean paradise, providing ideal structure and environment for saltwater fly fishing.

The submarine shelf extends to the northern side of Cayo Largo, where the best fly fishing areas have an average depth of 1,5 meters making it a perfect habitat for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, and Jack Crevalle.

The wide "exclusive " fly fishing area is subdivided in 38 micro-areas. Most of Cayo Largo flats offer great conditions for wade fishing, shallow and firm bottoms provide perfect wading opportunities, having the chance to fish some out of the skiff and also wade fish a lot!

The best sight fishing in this stunning flats usually happens between 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (less sun glare). It's not unusual to find and see Permit up to 45lb zipping and darting in and around schools of Bonefish where the average weight is about 6lbs. You just can not beat stalking these Bonefish while wading in this pristine waters.

Each evening the anglers, manager and the guides will gather together and decide the next day schedule, always trying to carefully rotate between the most productive areas ensuring the bits are rested.

A great bonefish - Cayo Largo
Jumbo size trapon - a known face around Cayo Largo

You can make it a family program too!


Cayo Largo offers an unusual way to enjoy your fly fishing trip bringing your family along!

We all know how hard could be to put together a trip that really works in all ways... leisure and relaxing time, sun, incredible white sand beach, warm blue waters, no stress, good hotel and food, great drinks and atmosphere combined with fly fishing.

We mentioned before that the best time to be out fishing is usually early in the morning until probably 4pm, which means you will be back at the hotel in time to share a good part of the day with your family........ Just perfect!

Accommodations are provided in Cayo Largo **** Sol Melia Hotel in all inclusive programs and it works beautiful.

The hotel is nice, comfortable air conditioned rooms, the beach is just behind the back door, 2 nice swimming pools, bars, restaurants, services to go to other beaches (playa sirena and playa paraiso), access to internet...

And the Marina it's just 15 minutes away from the hotel so transfers to/from the dock are not a problem at all!

To know more about the accommodations click here

Hola Sol Cayo Largo - All inclusive
Sol Cayo Largo Hotel Garden
Sol Cayo Largo Hotel offers easy access to the beach
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